The nation’s most flammable suit retailer is being applauded this week, for kickstarting a new initiative to reduce the environmental impact of the spring racing carnival.

After years of outfitting Aussies attending regional race tracks, or local courthouses, it’s believed Tarocash will be leading a new charge towards sustainability by promising to hit net zero plastic waste by 2045.

The Advocate understands that from this weekend, Tarocash will be installing Return & Earn recycling systems in all of its stores in an effort to reduce the environmental impact of its single-use plastic clothing.

In a message posted live on Instagram this morning, the company’s ESG Officer Simon Parklea outlined why Tarocash was excited to work towards receiving Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA®) accreditation.

“At Tarocash we understand that all Australian brands, both big and small, have a role to play in the future of the planet.”

“That’s why we’re hoping to inspire our valued customers to recycle their purchases, by dropping off their single use suits into our collection bins and in return being gifted a free skinny tie for their efforts.”

The move has been widely praised by members of the Greens Party and has even received glowing approval from the Climate Council and Climate Action Australia.

Speaking to Climate Action Australia’s head of retailer affairs, Jeanne Clement, its hoped Tarocash’s brave innovation will push other retailers towards a more sustainable business model as well.

“There’s no doubt the wearing of single-use suits plays a large role in the overall environmental impact of the nags, so we’re hoping this development inspires others in the fast fashion industry to do the same.”

“Did you know one in three fascinators bought online end up stuck up some dolphins nose?”

“Of course some of our members are keen for the whole racing industry to be shut down for good, due to that whole animal cruelty caper, but even I know that betting on the digital horses just isn’t the same…”

More to come.


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