Pedestrians in Betoota’s Old City District have been treated to the music of Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar, courtesy of Liam McKenzie who played the tunes from his car because he wants you to know he’s a bit of a thinker actually.

The start-up merchant has recently been concerned that his public image is that of an uptight suit without any sense of culture, leading to him to drive his loaned convertible BMW with a customised number plate around his neighbourhood while playing Kendrick Lamar deep tracks.

“Hip hop with a meaning speaks to me,” stated McKenzie as he sat stationary at a green light.

“Kendrick and I come from very different walks of life but we’ve both had struggle and we’ve both had success.”

McKenzie later confirmed the struggle he was referring to was a case of good old fashioned Australian tall poppy syndrome in which people have tried to cut him down ‘just like they did with King Kunta.’

“There’s more to me than my seven to nine hustle and designer ties. I play basketball and I even go for an American team. LA Lakers which in Spanish means The Lakers.”

As McKenzie drives around his excessively gentrified neighbourhood playing music so loudly it manages to annoy people who actually like Kendrick Lamar, he considers all the good he can do in the neighbourhood with his third app idea in five years.

“One thing I learnt through K.Dot is when you make it big, give back.”

Just as everyone started to think he was a thinker, McKenzie crashed his car into a crochet-bombed tree after passing out from exhaustion from trying to rap along to Rigamortis. He has asked that his estate be given to ‘street kids’ and to have ‘Sing About Me’ played at his funeral.


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