With international borders opening up, the state government has been putting plans into action to make some of those sweet international student dollars.

Pinballing between tearing down historic buildings for new student accommodation and repurposing existing properties, a government worker hit the absolute jackpot when they spotted a dilapidated building a mere ten minutes from the Betoota Polytechnic campus.

Jacqui Templeman tells our reporter that she’d been going for a little scenic drive when she found a multi-level property that appeared to be completely empty – mostly, because it was incredibly run down and habitable only for the high level of rodents chewing away at the window sills.

“As soon as I saw it I knew it’d be perfect”, says Jacqui.

“It could easily house up to fifteen students if they don’t mind bunking in together haha.”

Even though the inspection showed the house was riddled with asbestos, Jacqui says she wasn’t deterred.

“You can just encapsulate that”, says Jacqui.

“Honestly it’s fine, as long as the timber isn’t disturbed.”

Rubbing her hands in glee, Jacqui says the property was a steal and that they’ll easily recoup profits within the year.

“We’ll charge about $350 a week per student, easy.”

“As long as we mention that it covers cleaning costs, its proximity to the university, and the opportunity to build lifelong friendships, we’ll have it filled in no time.”

More to come.


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