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Wayne Makeham has been the unofficial angry uncle to over 2 decades worth of Betoota children, having been the one to drive them to and from school for the majority of their educational years.

And while some may say that bus driving is a boring career path, Wayne has today stepped out and revealed that he’s bloody seen some shit, man.

“One time I was about to do a drop off on Mary Street near the sawmill and all of a sudden all the kids start squealing and cheering at the back of the bus”

“I look up in the mirror expecting those big fuckin’ Shannon kids to be fighting again, but to my – I suppose delight – this little girl half the size of one of the Shannon boys was beating the absolute piss out of him”

“She broke his nose!”

“Apparently it started because he threw a sandwich at her, however it started, I’m glad it did because that little prick deserved it.”

“Kids, they’re savages.”

Our reporter continued to press Mr. Makeham for further details about his time as Betoota’s busiest bus driver, however the retiree was a little hesitant to reveal too much more for fear of having a hit put out on him by Betoota’s crime family, the Marinello’s.

While not saying too much on the topic, Mr. Makeham hinted that he was witness to an assassination carried out by the Marinello’s, this claim is yet to be confirmed.


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