You’d think forking out $300 for a pair of heels would mean they lasted for a while, but local woman Leslie Stiles has quickly learned that’s not the case.

It’s alleged that Leslie had been shopping for a new pair of boots when she was immediately drawn to an inappropriately high pair of heels that were priced at a whopping 50% off – meaning that she’d technically be saving money if she bought them. 

Or that was the explanation she gave herself anyway.

Regardless of the fact that the highest pair of shoes she owned were elevated ballet flats, Leslie could not deny the immediate rush of power she’d felt when she tried the heels on.

Leslie tells our reporter that as she stood to admire herself in the changing room mirror, she’d immediately envisioned herself as a “suit-wearing, tough-talking wife of a Columbian drug kingpin.”

But come three months later, and the pair of heels have failed to last longer than the pedicure she’d excitedly bought to accompany them. Which was a shame, given that she’d spent half a week’s pay on them. 

“I suppose I didn’t really like them that much anyway”, says Leslie, “gave me heel blisters every time I wore them.”

“But when you spend that much money on something, you kind of just grit through the pain.”

More to come.


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