Crown Casino has finally allowed Australian basketball superstar Ben Simmons into their venue today, days after he claimed to have been racially profiled by bouncers at the venue’s gambling room entrance.

Simmons, 23, told his 4.3 million followers on Instagram that he was barred from the casino after staff demanded he present ID, while his white colleague breezed through.

Simmons deleted the Instagram video but later responded to claims on Twitter that he was barred because he was wearing camouflage patterned pants, breaching the casino’s dress code, stating that they were all wearing camo pants – even the white guy that got in.

However, today after the Casino went into PR damage control and immediately called to meet with the superstar – it appears Ben Simmons has been allowed back into the casino.

“We’ve informed our bouncers that he isn’t just any young African-Australian man from Melbourne” said a spokesperson.

“He’s a very rich one”

“But just to be sure, we’ve advised Mr Simmons to become a Chinese national and that way he will be able to use the VVIP entrance next time he arrives here”

It is believed that Simmons has since gotten his hands on a Chinese passport, as well as a permission slip from Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton – who will be doing every thing he can to ensure that Simmons if given the same treatment as the Chinese gang members and politicians who are waved through security at the airport and driven directly to the casino high-rollers lounge by government agents – as revealed in last week’s 60 Minutes.

Ben Simmons told reporters he can’t believe it took him this long to realise the only way to avoid being singled out as a minority in Australia is to become a citizen of another country.


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