Betoota’s historic French Quarter is well known for being a vibrant community of renters who pack into the humid living rectangles by the dozens and the home-owning wealthy yuppy couples who act like they hate gentrification too.

Locals of the Quarter know the easiest way to tell which segment lives in which house is whether or not there is a big, nasty, waterlogged couch out the front. 

Making their status known is French Quarter terrace house, affectionately known as ‘ShareHouse M.D.,’ who have done their bit to reduce waste today as they upcycled their old indoor TV couch, transforming it into a new outdoor bong couch.

According to ShareHouse M.D. resident Winton Radley (22) the choice to transform their old indoor couch into their new outdoor couch came easily when a new person moved in had a better lounge set than the one that has been dumped in the living room since the first Rudd era.

“Yeah the old indoor couch has seen a lot over the years, I’m sure it can put up with whatever the elements have in stock,” stated Radley before lighting up a hot one on his couch that literally faces the street.

“Man, this really is nice.”

Although Radley is aware they could have organised a council pick up for the freshly repurposed couch he states they have been through too much with the couch to just throw it away before it reaches its final cycle of life in the great outdoors.

“We used to call it the piggy bank because we’d turn it out looking for coins when we were desperate. Got enough for a bag of hot chips one time and we ate them right off the cushions of this special Giving Couch.”

Radley states future plans for the new outdoor bong couch include pretending they are in a French beer garden and as a venue for 3am biccie fueled D&Ms. 


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