A Betoota Ponds father of 2 has today caused a huge sigh of relief to echo throughout his household.

Bert Beattie did so when he informed his life partner that he would take the night time wake ups solo for the next few days, to let his wife try and get a fraction of a decent night’s sleep.

“Babe, I’ll take Phoenix if she wakes up during the night,” said Bert today about the pair’s newborn baby.

“You try and charge the batteries back up.”

It’s believed Bert’s comments have nothing to do with the World Test Championship beginning tonight.

Kicking off at Lords at 7:30 tonight, the one off test match will crown the ‘greatest Test team of the last two years’ – something which Australia wouldn’t give a shit about if it wasn’t in the final.

This second bi-annual also comes just 10 days before the Ashes, the pinnacle of the sport of cricket.

Rolling from 7:30pm for the next couple of months, the 6 tests matches will see a significant number of Australians do without countless hours of sleep.

However, for young Beattie, he says it’s actually come at a decent time.

“We aren’t really sleeping much anyway,” said the man whose second child isn’t sleeping as well her older sister.

“If I have to hear one more friend or colleague tell me about how much of a dream their babies are, and how much sleep they’re getting, I’ll do my nut,” laughed Beattie.

“But for the next few days, I’m okay with being up at 2am heating a bottle of milk in the microwave.”

“That’s a thought that takes me back,” he laughed.


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