The entire planet is now free to tell Cardinal George Pell to get fucked today, after finally being able to talk openly about the stuff that we were all talking about months ago.

This comes after Cardinal Pell was found guilty of 5 counts of child sexual abuse in a landmark case for the country and the world.

The guilty verdict relates to charges that occurred over 22 years ago, and were followed by decades of denials and assurances by powerful conservatives across the country, and the globe, that nothing untoward was occurring in the Catholic Church.

Pell is set to be sentenced tomorrow after he months on bail recovering from a knee injury, with the suppression order on the verdict handed down on December 11 finally lifted today.

The news has sent shockwaves around the world, with the once 3rd most senior offical in the Catholic Church likely to die in prison, where he will join the thousands of incarcerated felons whose lives fell apart after having their childhood stolen from them at the hands of powerful religious leaders like Pell.

The Catholic Church is yet to give a statement, but it’s probably in their best interests to fuck up about gay marriage and abortion for the time being.


  1. Let’s just hope the dirty little man gets buggered senseless in the showers.
    Not that I’m making a judgement call on him or anything.

    • What good would that do if the cunt likes it, though? Just cut his cock and his balls off… but only a few mm a day, so the fucker has to suffer and resuffer the experience over and over. Even then, it won’t amount remotely close to the torture he inflicted on children, but it’ll be a start.


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