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In some exciting news for the science world, the first ever image of a black hole has been captured today.

The incredible scientific breakthrough which has finally proven beyond doubt that black holes exist was released today by the Event Horizon Telescope team.

The image which dropped this morning was an exclusive shot of the NBN Co’s Balance Sheet for the project’s rollout, captured by the extremely powerful and expensive telescopes from the US.

“It’s been a huge effort from all of the team to capture the document from a project set to be finished some light years away,” said the Chief Scientist Jai Antnerd.

“We were able to confirm that it was, in fact, the first image of a blackhole after seeing the 52 billion dollars that is being sunk into the project that was torpedoed by Rupert Murdoch.”

“Like Einstein and Hawking hypothesised this black hole is so powerful, that things like billions of dollars cannot escape the gravitational pull of the spacetime region.”

The scientist explained that everyone was ecstatic at the finding and explained that it’s another giant leap forward in science, astrophysics, and astronomy.

“It’s going to take us quiet some time to figure out how exactly this black hole works, and we will be using the telescopes to examine things like how random companies are getting outrageously overpriced contracts and blokes are racking up small fortunes from hyper inflated wages.”

“Today we celebrate, but tomorrow it’s all back to work.”


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