Labor’s federal election review has identified one major cause for the party’s shock loss in May this year. The findings have shocked the ALP to it’s very core.

Former South Australian premier Jay Weatherill and former trade minister Craig Emerson have spent months investigating the defeat, and in a final report made public today they make 26 recommendations for the ALP to take to the next election.

Namely, make sure you are able to get more votes than the opposition, otherwise you will lose the election.

The review found Labor’s strategy was unable to get enough votes to stop Scott Morrison becoming Liberal leader again, which often means an election loss.

The Coalition, which has changed its leader three times since coming to power in 2013, was widely tipped to lose the May election by the inner-city-based political pundits and media analysts who base every prediction off the opinions they are exposed to during dinner parties in Balmain and Fitzroy.

However, despite all of the rock solid polling that suggested otherwise, the Liberals were able to regain a majority government, leave many to question the accuracy of the results gathered by Newspoll after calling 1000 grandmothers from the same suburb on landlines once every week.

Labor’s primary vote fell to 33 per cent, with sharp falls among blue-collar workers because the Murdoch newspapers has convinced 39% of Australians that all of this talk about Climate Change is just a conspiracy created by leftie academics who want to take their jobs away from them for no reason other than their desire to hurt our economy.


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