A local regular at the Lord Kidman hotel has already insinuated that he will be pulling up stumps soon, as he apparently has to do stuff tomorrow with people who aren’t currently at the pub with him.

The 29-year-old by the name Dan, mentioned something to do with IKEA, or maybe his in-laws, before being heavily questioned over what could be more important than a few jars with the lads.

“You are kidding me?” says one regular, Kenno.

“IKEA, you need to be 100% for IKEA?”

“You’ve gone soft”

Another regular by the name of Mickey said he would have accepted ‘already in the doghouse’ or ‘funeral’ but the vague suggestion that Dan has ‘shit to do’ is just flat out insulting.

“Mate.” he says.

“What the fuck”

“The footy is on in like three hours. What are you doing?”

Dan gives as sincere of an apology as he can muster.

“Mate, I left work an hour early to catch you lot, don’t fucking get into about this shit”

“I’ve got shit to do”

Kenno responds quite emotionally.

“Yeah so do I but you don’t see me making that everyone elses problem”

“Just stay for a couple”

Dan folds and stays for a couple more schooners.


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