In the most predictable news to come out of the high-hedged mansions of Toorak today, Herald Sun columnist Andrew Bolt has written 1000 ten dollar words questioning the safety of face masks.

According to his latest widely-circulated opinion column, for which he is likely paid up to a couple dollars per word, the loudest perpetuator of the Australian ‘culture wars’ has today announced he no longer trusts the Victorian State Government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Titled: ‘VICTORIA ORDERS FACE MASKS FOR ALL: IS THE POLITICS OR PUBLIC HEALTH’ – convicted racist, Andrew Bolt argues that the science of wearing face masks to prevent catching COVID-19 is unsound.

This pointless and hollow opinion mirrors the time he argued that the research being delivered by 98% of the world’s scientists who claim climate change was a factor in the unprecedented 2019/2020 summer bushfires is not sound.

Or the MANY times he argued, again with no counter points or evidence, that the millions of accusations from alleged child abuse victims that claimed they were molested by clergymen from the Catholic Church were unsound.

Or the time he argued that the general consensus that people who aren’t as dark as the ace of spades can also be members of the Aboriginal community is unsound.

Bolt’s newest opinion column suggests that the Victorian Premier’s new mandatory face masks laws serve no other purpose than to pleasure him as a totalitarian left-wing dictator who likes to control his own people for no personal or public gain.

This marks a new low in the culture wars that he makes a living off creating and then pretending he is fighting against for the common working man.

Instead, Bolt has claimed the face mask rules are nothing more than PC brigade trying to score political points, just like they did when they tried to say that not every single African and Polynesian teenager in Melbourne were members of an organised crime syndicate.

This most recent imported noise-making argument of divisive American bullshit has today left many normal Australians questioning: what the fuck is it with these failed arts students.

As has been commonly accepted throughout the course of history, failed arts students are the leading cause of the racial vilification of minority groups and the most successful in undermining both science, healthcare and democracy with their populist, attention-seeking rhetoric.

However, this only becomes an issue for society when said failed art students are given a platform to misinform an entire population of confused and worried citizens.

Andrew Bolt, like many other red-wined-teethed art collectors whose lack of creative genius saw them drift away from critical thinking towards a homoerotic brand of white supremacy, has found his platform in the TV channels and news pages of News Corp – where he delivers widely circulated monologues on a range of topics – from accusing the bureau of meteorology of data corruption, to the full blown pedophile apologism of his close friends in the church.

As a result of this new low water mark in Australian tabloid media, Universities around Australia are now being urged to provide their failed art students with pathway programs towards a meaningful existence that helps seem find them with a life purpose outside of wishing they could be invited to dinner with the progressive elite they spend their lives trying to impress – only to take out their uncontrollable white rage on vulnerable public housing residents with 2000 words of racist and classist propaganda the moment they receive word that Barry Humphries thinks they are a fuckwit.



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