In a story that continues to get dodgier by the week, Christian Porter has resigned from Cabinet over the weekend.

The former Attorney-General has stepped down from the government’s front bench, after clinging on for as long as he could and vowing not to step down.

In a lengthy statement attacking the ABC for wanting to report on allegations that the highest-ranking legal official had committed some appalling acts, Porter said he had been ‘subjected to a trial by media’ before vowing to contest the next election.

Porter had previously stepped down from the Attorney General’s role after the allegations arose a few months ago, before fighting tooth and nail to avoid an inquiry into his behaviour, and subsequently being promoted back to the front bench.

After taking some paid leave and stigmatising mental health for working Australians, Porter then pretended like there was no point talking about whether a paid official should clear up the horrific allegations leveled against him for some reason.

However, after it emerged that someone or some people had been paying part or all of his legal fees in the defamation case (estimated to be between 500,000-1,000,000 dollars), Porter maintained that there was nothing to see again.

But, Porter has now stepped down again with the Prime Minister and his allies acting as if the whole thing is sorted, leading the nation to ask; What the fuck is going in here?

The question comes as a powerful man in a position of power continues to duck and weave calls for transparency and accountability, with politicians proving once again that they believe they are a different class to the people who elect them.

With Scotty doing everything he can to wipe his hands as clean as possible of the situation, it’s not known if Porter will ever reveal who was paying his legal fees or why, with an answer to the question of what is doing behind the closed doors of parliament potentially never coming.

Because that’s the way things are.

More to come.


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