A recent report by a group of local girlfriends has found that one of their friend’s half-hearted plans to holiday overseas in the near future means that everyone now has to adhere to her budget.

The fact that Amy refuses to miss out of social outings has also had further complications to the predicament, as it now means everyone must return to the type of budgeting not seen since their first year out of school.

With a close friend’s birthday party coming up, Amy has now hijacked all preparations in an effort to not hae to spend more than $30 dollars over the weekend.

“Hey guys, lets just drink at home before going to the party” says the 24-year-old, after someone suggested getting a drink at a licensed venue.

Her suggestion, while offered as simply an option, is actually more of a demand. Because she can’t afford to waste money on pointless stuff like catching up in a place that is convenient for everyone else.

“Guys, I’ve gotta go to Europe in four months. I can’t be out spending money on three standard drinks and maybe a tray of dip”

At time of press, everyone agreed they would join her in drinking fruity lexia goon.



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