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A recent report carried out by Betoota University’s Behavioural Science unit has today released some ground-breaking results that might help girls make new friends, no matter what social situation they find themselves in.

According to the report, it’s traditionally harder for women to make friends than it is for men. Where men have sport to talk about, women’s interests are all vastly different, so it makes it difficult to have that spark within the first meeting like what men have.

However, as the report points out, there is one thing that’s guaranteed to make two women friends within the first hour of meeting one another.

It’s believed that if a common enemy can be established between two strangers, there is enough back and forth bitching to bypass any initial shyness that is usually present.

“Bitching is the fuel of friendships” said Marnie Whittaker, the researcher behind the report.

“It has the power to disarm two strangers and help them find a common ground”

“For example, how much of a punish is a millennial influencer on TikTok? They’re making it uncool”

Remarkably, this worked. Millennials are annoying on TikTok and following this interview our reporter and Marnie Whittaker organised to meet for a drink – two complete strangers, now fourth tier friends.

More to come.  


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