Scotty from Marketing has struck again this week, letting the nation know that he’s the everyman for every man.

Struggling through a catered lockdown with his team around him in the humble abode that is The Lodge in Canberra, Morrison got one of his media staff to post a photo of him making a curry, on a barbeque.

The Prime Minister’s luxury quarantine comes after another overseas trip that wasn’t really necessary and keeps him out of action and the media’s sight for a couple of weeks.

“Day 13 of quarantine almost done. Saturday night curry night – chicken, eggplant and saag curry,” read the caption, which infuriated the Australian’s who have had to spend 14 days inside an airtight room eating hospital food.

Toowoomba author and journalist Lech Blaine returns to The Betoota Advocate podcast this week. He’s got plenty to say about the Australian media’s perverted interpretation of the “Larrikin,” and our politician’s calculated manipulation of that narrative. Have a listen:

The post confirmed to anyone still in doubt, that the Prime Minister is the most relatable Australian of all.

“I never make my curry on a stove,” said a local plumber and curry enthusiast Brayden Williams.

“I always have every single item chopped up and ready to go. I never just turn a pot on and start dumping shit in as I cut it,” he explained.

“I definitely wouldn’t have a beer while I make a curry either.”

Williams’s point was something that reportedly caused a bit of frustration behind closed doors at the PR headquarters of the nation.

“Yeah, obviously we forgot to put a beer in the shot,” said Morrison’s bloke advisor this morning.

“A little bit of a mistake, but hopefully too many people don’t notice the mistake in the middle-class dressups,” he said.

“The Prime Minister actually hates beer, but he doesn’t want people to think that, so yeah, it won’t happen again.”

“Anyway, we’ve gotta start working on a freedom-style post for when he gets out, so I’ll have to leave you.”

More to come.


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