NRL Headquarters in Sydney has been turned upside down this afternoon as the latest Australian Federal Police raid takes place.

This comes after the AFP raided the ABC and NewsCorp in what seemed very much like a politically motivated attempt to silence journalists and news organisations.

Carrying out further raids across the country, it can be confirmed that the Feds have just hit the Referees Association offices this afternoon.

It’s believed that the raids on the referees are targeted attacks on our nation’s most high profile whistleblowers.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has denied any knowledge of the raids prior to the news breaking a short time ago but refused to explain why Matt Cecchin and Ashley Klein ( the two officials in charge of the Sharks most recent loss) were arrested and taken away in a black van.

“I’ve got no idea what’s happened to those two referees. But I do know that no one is above the law, not even referees whose eyes are painted on.”

An AFP spokesperson told us a moment ago that they cannot give out any information regarding the two referees and the raid in detail.

“Look, what we will say, is that a pretty clear precedent has been set. Whistleblowers in this country are on high alert now.”

“We’ve been told that people who want to think they can go and get all uppity and blow the whistle on things that the government maybe shouldn’t be doing are going to pay the price.”

“The people can trust us, and that’s why we don’t need to be held to account.”


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