Local office worker Mitch Bromfield (30) is still trying to figure out if the new guy he works with is a stoner or a soccer fan watching the Euros in the middle of the night, after spotting him multiple times with red eyes, yawning a lot.

“Honestly, I’m finding this really difficult,” Mitch explained.

“His surname ends in “vić” so obviously I thought he must just be watching the Serbs last night, but then I noticed he has a Rick And Morty tattoo on his arm, so he’s a stoner?”

Mitch, a quintessential Aussie that still can’t help but consider soccer to be a “girls sport” , has recently discovered it’s that time where friends and colleagues that have vaguely European heritage start waking up in the middle of the night to watch a sport that could easily end up being 0-0.

“I got no idea why or how they do it, but I gotta respect it.” Mitch said, reflecting on the fact that his Italian-Australian neighbors were up at 5am to watch the team of their motherland take on footballing giants, Espanyol.

Many workplaces around the country are facing the brunt of another international soccer competition being hosted as far away from Australia as physically possible.

Owner of Jugović Constructions, a suburban construction company mainly consisting of workers whose ancestors hail from the former republic of Yugoslavia, has claimed the competition has had catastrophic effects on his business.

“We’ve already had three accidents from my sleep deprived boys on the job site and we’re still only on match day 2” Said Marco Sperać (49), owner of Jugović Constructions.

“It’s going to be a big few weeks,” said Marco.


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