Australia’s Catholic community have asked for everyone to stop using the word ‘proud’ when describing them – after the church’s third-highest ranking member, Cardinal George Pell, has been found guilty of molesting two choirboys in 1996.

In a big blow for the Catholic community, Cardinal Pell is today facing his pre-sentencing hearing after his conviction of historic sexual offence charges.

Some other charges have been struck out because they happened ages ago and it’s hard to prove just what he did and didn’t do, even though he’s been proven to protect and aide colleagues who sexually assaulted children.

Yesterday’s revelations follow months of a media suppression order, which was lifted after the courts decided that NewsCorp may have interfered with the judicial process after reporting as much as they possibly could without explicitly printing his name.

He has strenuously denied the accusations and says if he did do anything even relatively inappropriate, it’s all good because you can ask for forgiveness in his religion, and he’s usually the one that decides is you have been forgiven

Pell’s remaining supporters, namely John Howard, Andrew Bolt and Miranda Devine have since been found dead on a really weird topographical landform that extends above the surrounding terrain


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