A local Banksmeadow man and pokies enthusiast has expressed relief this week, after making an excitable return to work at his favourite VIP Lounge.

Spotted bouncing into the licensed premise at 11:32am this morning, Glenn Palmer expressed deep satisfaction to see his old desk ‘The Queen of the Nile’ just as he had left it.

“Ahhh! It’s good to be back!”, said Palmer as he wiped off the dust from his favourite bar stool and set himself up for a day of work.

Buoyed by the familiar stench of JPS reds and the nauseating bing of lights and novelty sound effects, Glenn was proud to be back chewing pineapples through his favourite Plumbers Playstation.

“Christ! It’s just like how I remembered it!”.

“I was almost going crazy in lockdown, I guess everyone’s been struggling with the whole working from home situation.”

“But you know it’s the socialising with fellow gamblers that I really missed’ said Glenn with three eyes glued to his $5 hits.

Toasting a lemon squash with his ‘Feature-Ride-or-Die’ partner in crime Margot Warmsly, the two bond over the difficulties faced with gambling at home during the pandemic.

“Ohh it was dreadful for the first few weeks without these laptops, I wasn’t even properly set up,” said Margaret.

“But you know after watching one half of NRL coverage with my husband and sitting through 17 separate commercials for betting companies, I discovered this amazing app called ‘EliteWinBet’ and then I was set.’

“Did you know you can gamble on Egyptian soccer?!’

“There’s also Russian Volleyball, Anytime Try Scorers… hell you could even bet on what colour jacket that Glady lady was going to wear to the pressers?!”

When asked whether she’d consider a return to sports-based betting apps, Warmsly is apparently non-fussed.

“Oh not really, I like it here cos they know my name. And they give us free mentos!’

“You just don’t get that experience at home.”

“Maybe when the Olympics start up again in Paris I’ll fire up my bonus bets!”

“I put $500 through our Aussie swim team alone, so of course that paid big dividends. Go you good things!!!”


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