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Anticipation is in the air at Buckingham Palace today as Prince Philip reaches 99 consecutive days without being caught saying something racist.

The duke, who turned 99 on June 10, has long been criticised for his comments which range from a bit suss, to outright offensive; if anyone other than a geriatric nonagenarian royal had said them.

In some of his more memorable quotes, the Prince has casually joked about Aboriginals, Chinese, Indians, Scots, Hungarians, Caymanians, Filipinos, Papua New Guineans, Women, PTSD sufferers, gun control activists, deaf people, anorexics, a fat kid, school students, dictators, Sir Elton John, Tom Jones, and himself.

Experts claim this tally puts Prince Philip on the same level of political-correctness as a drunk high school football player, or pretty much any other 99 year old person.

When questioned about whether he would make it to 100 days, Prince Philip was optimistic about reaching the milestone.

“I should certainly expect it to be a task well within even the capabilities of someone of my background, I should say” the cheerful duke stated.

“But they have told me to be careful not to talk about any colonial things or such, so I have to be somewhat cautious”.


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