Prime Minister Scott Morrison has today addressed claims by the media, and his election-weary opposition, that the Federal Government is responsible for the current flutter of AFP raids across the 4th Estate.

The Australian Federal Police raided the ABC’s offices in relation to a story on war crimes in Afghanistan on Wednesday, just one day after they raided News Corp journalist Annika Smethurst’s home over a story about a government plan to spy on ordinary Australians.

In less-human-rights-violationy news, they also raided The Betoota Advocate newsroom over the 1997 Engadine McDonalds leaks, as well as the Canberra Raiders NRL club over claims that they have stolen the AFP’s nickname.

However, Morrison has today downplayed the hysteria, claiming this isn’t the horrific Orwellian nightmare that everyone seems to think it is.

“First of all let me say that my government is absolutely committed to freedom of the press, secondly these are matters that were being pursued by the AFP, who are, like, good mates, but not kick-down-a-door-for-ya type mates”

Mr Morrison said he understood the raids have caused anxiety from the press and more broadly, but he said there’s nothing really to worry about, unless you’ve got something to worry about.

“Should keep you lot on your toes [haha]” said Morrison.

“But seriously”

“I stand by my party’s ethos…”

“To the increasingly nervous journalist out there, if you wanna have a go, you’ll get a go”

“In prison lmao”


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