When it comes to being an introvert, there are three crucial things that inspires fear into every soft spoken individual – answering phone calls, having to introduce yourself to the class, and going to the hairdresser.

For local woman Shae Gibbs, seeing the hairdresser once every six weeks just isn’t feasible, as she just can’t bear to be locked in small talk for two hours while she stares at her reflection under the stark white lights.

This means that she’s had to avoid committing to a fringe or dying her hair blonde – the latter being incredibly hard after her last breakup.

The last few times she went, Shae would often find herself stuck with a talkative hairdresser who wanted to know everything about her, such as where she worked or what she was up to on the weekend.

And considering it wasn’t possible to pop on a pair of headphones, Shae would be stuck answering questions and growing more and more uncomfortable with the pressure to perform, especially as she’d had multiple instances where the hairdresser just wasn’t getting the hint.

With no other option but to trim her hair herself, Shae attempts to cut her hair into a neat line, knowing that the back of it likely looks atrocious.

More to come.


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