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It’s only been a few days since Flume’s rear end rumble went viral, however we are already seeing a number of interesting learnings come out of the faux-rim. 

According to The Advocate’s data analyst, while there has been a huge increase in the number of people searing for Flume, what’s emerged is actually a new term the internet has dubbed as ‘fluming’. 

It’s understood that traditional rimming still exists, but it’s considered Fluming if you give your partner a rim job in front of 50 or more people. 

The Advocate reached out to Australia’s favourite X rated site, PornHub, to see if they’d noticed any knock-on effects of the trend. 

“Yes, it’s unbelievable, usually ‘amateur POV cream pie’ is our top search in Betoota, but Fluming has just taken the city by storm” explains Dorothy Perkins, CMO at PornHub Australia. 

“They say patriotism is dead in Australia outside of places like Bendigo and Ipswich, but the way you’re all getting behind Flume makes me question that” 

“At this stage I’d say Flume is in the running for receiving an Order of Australia Medal.”

At the time of press it’s believed ‘Fluming’ had received over 1 million searches alone, our analysts are waiting on the results of the nation.

More to come.


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