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A family BBQ in Betoota Heights has turned into a Gordon Ramsay-esque food & drink analysis after grandfather Patrick ‘Pop’ Murphy (74) accidently drank one of his grandson’s craft beers.

Like most men his age, Murphy does not see the sense in the craft beer industry, choosing instead the much more sensible route of drinking the same mass-produced beer every day for as long as your liver can take it.

With that in mind, it is all too easy to imagine how horrified Murphy was when he unwittingly gulped down his grandson’s sourdough and salted egg gose.

“It’s called To Hatch A Breadator, it’s by the disgraced son of the guy who owns Betoota Bitter, really nice out of a glass on a hot day,” stated Murphy’s grandson Dylan (24) as he wondered if his grandfather would financially reimburse him for the erroneous $24 sip he took.

“Pop may not have enjoyed the initial taste but he might enjoy the pleasant aftertaste, especially as it lingers in his throat and nostrils.”

Like his grandson, Murphy provided his own tasting notes in what can mostly be described as 20 minutes of shouting that would end the career of any reporter dumb enough to print a single word said by the irate grandfather.

“He said he’d drunk better piss in Vietnam,” stated Murphy, as he swirled the alleged beer which had seemed to develop a skin and localised micro-climate.

“It’s funny he should say that, piss is one of the tasting notes.”


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