A local man has tried to make amends for the fact that he didn’t bring anywhere near enough drinks, any form of salad and some mediocre chat to a BBQ with a small packet of herby sausages.

After immediately realising he had left himself short, Sam Krilic offered his 4 pack of mass produced sausages to the host with the statement “Red Thai Curry, mate. They are really nice.”

Host Connor Watson smiled politely and thanked him for the morsels, knowing full well that he would berate Krilic later on that day after a few beers.

Watson told The Advocate that Krilic has a long standing reputation amongst friends for being a bit of a scab.

“He is that person that brings 2 beers to a BBQ, or doesn’t bring anything at all and just hopes no one says anything,” said Watson.

“He is a nice fella and all, but is often guilty of hanging around after a beer for a free meal and then disappearing as soon as someone looks like they are going to start washing up.”

Other guests at the BBQ confirmed the allegations levelled at Krillic, but similarly somewhat accepted his behaviour based upon the fact he was a reasonably likely person who dealt well with being given a lot of shit.

“Yeah he wouldn’t shout if a shark bit him, but fuck he cops it well. We spray him about his increasingly balding noggin, his tight penny attitude and his general dress sense but he always seems to laugh it off. It makes him good to have around I guess.”


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