University campuses are one of the most dangerous places for infection in the world and during the COVID-19 pandemic, they have only gotten worse.

One such student who is suffering is Lee Silva (22) who as a politically active youth at Betoota University is really struggling to make this pandemic about them.

“It’s not OK for you to use this pandemic to be racist towards the Chinese! If you’re going to be racist it should be because the Chinese government is influencing our uni more and more every day,” stated Silva while she prepared a sign for a Zoom protest.

“But I won’t allow myself to be the victim I am trying to be.”

With almost five million cases and over 300,000 deaths worldwide, Silva said it has been a real struggle trying to make this global pandemic about her and her TikTok audience.

At first, Silva tried to make the matter of community infection about them due to her weakened immune system, until she realised she drinks too much kombucha for that to be the case.

Silva’s next attempt at making the pandemic about herself was to focus on the impact isolation has had on her mental health before remembering she lived in a sharehouse of individuals she personally curated so that she’d never had to pay for the weed.

Briefly, Silva also considered making content about the cost of living during the pandemic but cancelled the idea faster than a ten-year-old tweet upon realising it could compromise her relationship with the Bank of Mum & Dad.

“Well, I got stood down from my job and Peter Dutton looks like a wooden marble and I’m not downloading the app so can everybody just fuck off for a minute OK?”

“My hot take is that I don’t have a hot take, there’s too much pressure to have a hot take these days, publish that!”


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