Not even six months after being officially elected as the Australian Prime Minister with absolutely no policies, let alone any acknowledgement of his government’s denialism-led inaction on climate change, Scott Morrison has today had the opportunity to meet some more sportsmen!

While the drought-stricken communities of rural Australian continue to burn at the hands of record-breaking and out-of-control bushfires, ScoMo has today met with the Australian cricket side for his ideal media appearance.

Meeting with Aussie cricket captain Tim Paine and coach Justin Langer, Morrison took the opportunity to discuss the 30% of NSW Forests that have been decimated by the Climate Fires this week alone.

Across the bush fire season to date, a total of 89 homes have been destroyed in NSW, in turn displacing over 150 hardworking Australians, which ironically is also the same amount of people that the Adani Coal will employe from shovel to port.

Currently, there are over 120 bushfires burning Australia-wide, with a large concentration in Northern New South Wales.

As was pointed out by the NSW Rural Fire Service earlier today, some of these fires are expected to join in coming days. All up, there’s more than 6000km of fire edge that our brave fire fighters are battling with at this very minute – the equivalent of flying from Sydney to Perth… and back again.

All of this and more was discussed in front of the cameras when Morrison met with the Australian cricketers today, as was the recent report that found Australian coal exports account for 20% of all carbon emissions globally, a number much bigger than the 1.5% Morrison and his government claim we are solely responsible for.

The cricketers appeared distressed while also having to pose for goofy photos with the Prime Minister, after realising that the current government is on track to continue accelerating greenhouse emissions over the next two decades, majorly contributing to a generously predicted 2 degree rise in the planet’s temperature that will result in the certain deaths of the billions of people that haven’t been given permission to join Gina Rinehart and her Liberal Party employees in the spaceship.


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