A local physiotherapist has issued a public declaration today.

The 26-year-old health professional name Laura Jane has asked everyone to ‘stop fucking asking whether she wanted to get into medicine.’

Nearly 2 years out from her degree, the young Betoota Grove woman has moved to assure friends, family, current and future clients that she actually doesn’t care that she never got into medicine.

Despite seagulls flocking to her when she goes within 100 metres of the ocean, Jane explained that she definitely doesn’t have a chip on her shoulder.

“I literally don’t care, and I don’t know why everyone fucking asks me about it,” said the young woman today.

“I wouldn’t want to have done Med if I had got in any way I don’t think,” explained the therapist who fires shots at doctors and surgeons whenever she can.

“Doctors and surgeons are a bit detached if you ask me, so I’m happy that I can have a hands impact on peoples lives.”

“So if everyone could stop asking me about it, or raising the topic of whether I would have, or ever would want to have done med, that would be great.”

“Just drop it. It’s not an issue, and I can’t believe I’m talking to the Home Brand version of the Betoota Bugle about it anyway.”


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