Though living alone can be quite peaceful and allow the opportunity to be an absolute pig without judgment, it does have its shortcomings. Namely, mysterious sounds are about ten times scarier, as is a surprise visitor in your shower.

It’s alleged local woman Natalie Davis had been enjoying a hot shower after a long day at work when she’d stepped out to dry her hair. As she’d sung softly to the sounds of Doja Cat and readied herself to belt out the chorus, her momentary carefree vigour was quickly shut down by a mysterious, cold lick on the bottom of her leg.

Screaming at the top of her lungs, Natalie is alleged to have gone into instant fight mode, kicking her leg out to ward off the offender – which just so happened to be her beloved dog Milo, who’d clearly slipped through the door for some human soup.



Though it’d taken a few moments for her heart to stop beating out of her chest, Natalie was able to calm down and console a very terrified Milo, whilst reminding herself to keep the bathroom door closed should the pup try to test her reflexes again.

More to come.


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