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Pauline Hanson has begun the task of mopping up after her New South Welsh counterpart this week after a series of deleted tweets aimed at a prominent Sydney politician were met with widespread anger.

The tweets are unfit to print as they are of an extremely graphic and offensive nature. They were, however, targeted towards the Member for Sydney Alex Greenwich, who is looking to both highlight and move on from this.

Mark Latham is now isolated from the party and the electorate – but at the start of an 8-year term in the NSW Upper House.

That’s something worth noting as The Advocate understands that Pauline is hoping this too will eventually blow over and she can go back to championing Mark Latham like she has done shamelessly for years.

Speaking to The Advocate a short time ago, Pauline Hanson said she is disappointed that Mark would do this to her.

“I condone racism, bigotry, transphobia and xenophobia,” she said.

“But I draw the line at homophobia. What Mark should’ve done was make fun of Alex Greenwich’s background, which is something or other. He’s definitely not from Ipswich, that’s for sure. Mark could’ve make some derogatory remarks about Alex’s family, that would’ve been fine. He could’ve even been a bit lighter with his tone. However, the tweets that Mark put out the other day are beyond the pale,”

“They were disgusting. Appalling. He needs to apologise. If he doesn’t that’s OK, too. Now that Trump’s been indicted, that should wash this out of the news cycle.”

More to come.


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