The nation has today been rocked by some financial news out of one of the big cities.

Ordinary people have been left scratching their heads after the boss of a company who had a major fuck up actually just went ahead and resigned.

Kelly Bayer Rosmarin has stood down as the Chief Executive of Optus, after the telco experienced a major outage last week.

Fronting a Senate enquiry on Friday, Rosmarin today confirmed that now was the right time for her to step down as the boss of Optus – rather than holding on for as long as possible in an effort to see out the storm and keep her highly paid job.

That resignation has lead to confirmation that it’s actually easier to get rid of a CEO at Optus, then get out of one of their dodgy phone contracts.

On top of being famous for having nearly half a million mobile reception black spots, Optus also has a fantastic reputation for giving out shitty agreements that fuck over customers.

The plans and contracts that customers find themselves on are often harder to get out of then an escape room after 10 beers and a couple of rum and cokes.

However, customers have now been shown the way forward to avoid getting stung by Optus’s bills department – simply becoming CEO of the company before overseeing a number of scandals and then resigning (presumably) with a golden handshake.

More to come.


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