As of today, One Nation will be adding a third dot-point to their thorough background checks for potential political candidates, which previously had only required answers to whether or not they had ever killed anyone or harboured the sufficient hatred for Muslims and Africans.

One Nation Senate candidate for Queensland Steve Dickson has resigned after footage was released of him making derogatory comments and touching a dancer in a US strip club.

Mr Dickson said in a statement he apologised sincerely for his behaviour, before resigning, stating that he’s realised you can’t come back from something this fucking embarrassing.

The vision was recorded during an undercover investigation by Al Jazeera but aired for the first time by Nine’s A Current Affair on Monday.

It was filmed as part of the same operation which last month revealed Mr Dickson and party advisor James Ashby travelled to the US last year seeking millions of dollars in foreign donations from lobby groups like the National Rifle Association (NRA).

The newly released recordings showed Mr Dickson talking disparagingly about the dancers with fellow patrons.

He refers to one dancer as a “bitch” and says of another: “Little tits, nothing there.”

Mr Dickson is also filmed as saying: ” I think white women fuck a whole lot better, they know what they’re doing. Asian chicks don’t.

“I’ve done more Asian than I know what to do with.”

Another segment shows him talking with a dancer after slipping money into her lingerie.

“You need to slide your hand on my cock” he says to the dancer.

“Right now?” she asks.

“Yeah absolutely,” he responds.

She declines, saying: “I can’t do that sorry, they’ll probably notice.”

In his statement today, Dickson said he was deeply remorseful for his “disrespectful comments towards women”.

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson said she has accepted Mr Dickson’s resignation, and has made moves to immediately update the Far-Right Parties thorough vetting process.

“I’m upset with this, Steve is a family man … I’m sorry he is deeply upset by this I’m not going to judge him any further.”

The new background check for candidates now includes a question asking potential candidates if they are “unlikely to get fucken blind in a US strip club while groping and then soliciting their employees to suck me off for cash, before openly admitting to a stranger that I frequently root Asian sex workers despite being married”

“It’s necessary” said Hanson, who lost all four of her senate candidates to citizenship scandals and dissent within 18 months of the last election.

“I’m also in half a mind to check their likelihood of allowing an undercover journalist to follow them for an entire year with a hidden camera”


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