Hard work has not gone unrecognised at a Betoota Heights law firm where the kitchen sandwich press was presented the coveted Employee of the Month award.

Although usually presented to the human employee who did the most unpaid overtime, the senior management team at Anton & Duc Legal decided the unwavering sandwich press in the office kitchen deserved company-wide recognition.

General manager Tim Duc stated the office sandwich press not only worked longer days than anyone in the office but also had the greatest variety of jobs within the company.

“At 6 am, he’s making toast and at 6 pm he’s heating up a frozen schnitzel,” stated Duc proudly as he presented the inanimate object with a Gloria Jeans voucher.

“When we first picked him up there was a lot of room for improvement and now we’re very glad to have him on the team as a shining example of versatility and hard yakka.”

Duc then went on to recount the various jobs the sandwich pressed has performed including frying sausages, melting fondue and once toasting almonds when the office manager accidentally ordered untoasted.

“And all that without ever being cleaned. Not once.”


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