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A Melbourne local has today revealed to The Advocate that he may do away with one of his favourite annual traditions.

On the eve of the Melbourne Cup, Kew Malvern (27) explained that he doesn’t know if he’s got another 48 hours of #NupToTheCup activism in him.

Growing in steam of the last few years, the #NupToTheCup movement calls for the nation to examine the inhumane treatment of animals so people can get dressed up and drink themselves silly – as if there’s no other opportunity to do that in the calendar year.

The agency creative who once posted 23 tweets about horse racing in the space of a 2 day period said that after a draining couple of years, he would mind just enjoying the day off.

“It’s so rewarding to see people within my echo chamber, echo back the thoughts I’m echoing from my favourite online profiles,” Malvern said a short time ago.

“But obviously so many of the people from work and family circles seem to be having so much fun on the day off.”

While Malvern got a re-tweet last year from a Melbourne comedian who recently appeared on the Project, he said the thought of a few glasses of free bubbly paid for by his work is quite tantalising.

“I mean, there is a world where I can just silently rock up, enjoy a few beers and some bubbly and swan into work with a hangover pass on Wednesday.”

“But if any of my friends find out, I’ll get so fucking roasted,” sighed Malvern, who has made a habit of jumping on whatever cause he thinks is trending.

“Anyway, I’ll suss what the vibe is at this work function, and maybe I’ll try slide in there.”

More to come.


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