The Central Coast of NSW has today issued a strong ultimatum to this new mutant strain that’s threatening our freedom.

The total number of Omicron cases in NSW is now five, with a sixth case under investigation.

One of the cases was a recently returned traveller who visited a number of venues like KFC and Pizza Hut on the Central Coast before isolating at home.

Now the people of the Low-Lux capital of the country between Sydney and Newcastle, have told this Omicron to come down to the fucken Sunken Monkey and prove how tough it is.

“Come on Omicron, come fuck around and find out how scary you are,” said a spokesperson for the region Brayden Crowe.

“Got a lotta teeth for fucking smart cunt,” laughed Brayden out the front of the Erina licensed venue this afternoon.

“Might not be so cocky about fucking up the Cenny Coast after he comes to say hello at the Monkey.”

The strong comments come as the region grits its teeth and hopes that they haven’t been riddled with the new strain just yet.

The variant has yet to respond to the very public call out from the Central Coast but is believed to have contacted a couple of mates who can throw em, to suss out whether they have any interest in catching up with this Brayden bloke.

More to come.


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