The NRL have just confirmed that tonight’s incredible pre-match Origin performance won’t be a one hit wonder.

This comes after Eskimo Joe just rocked Optus Stadium in Perth to it’s core, in the most exciting pre-match performance yet.

Performing some of their hits that arguably many people may not have heard, the band behind Black Fingernails, Red Wine, have set the tone for future NRL fixtures going forward.

“Yeah, we aren’t resting on our laurels, we can confirm that for Game 3, we are going even bigger in our random performances that we put on for some reason unbeknownst to most people,” a spokesperson for the NRL said moments ago.

“We’ve got the iconic, Joel Turner performing for Game 3 down in Sydney.”

“Huge, we know.”

“Before anyone asks, we couldn’t get the Modern Day Poets unfortunately, but Joel Turner is a huge get all the same.”

“You almost wouldn’t believe it if we told youuuu,” sung the excited NRL employee.

“If he pull’s out, we’ll try and find some other one hit wonder from the mid’s 2000’s.”


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