A Melbourne woman has today revealed she kinda wouldn’t mind if things went back to how they used to be – even if just for a weekend or two. 

As a result of the silly season crossing over with the release from what feels like an eternity of lockdowns, Rachel Marsh says the last few weeks have taken there toll. 

“I know, I know,” sighed the hungover woman who spent months talking about how excited she was to leave lockdown. 

“Grass is greener”

“I should be counting my lucky chickens I’m a free gal again” 

“But, it would be nice to just have a guilt free Saturday night in, cast up to the Tele, few packets of treaties and maybe a single glass of wine,” laughed the young office worker. 

“Fire up the Paramount+, pump some of the new Dexter,” she laughed.

“Maybe a bit of Mayor of Kingstown” 

Marsh then explained that it’s not like she hasn’t enjoyed the last few weeks since Melbourne was released, she’s just a bit worn out. 

“I’ve enjoyed myself a bit too much if anything,” she explained. 

“And my calendar is fuller than a dad on Christmas day”

“So I can’t just have a weekend night in for the foreseeable future” 

“I guess I’ll just stay up way past my bedtime letting the Yellowjackets episodes roll on,” she laughed. 

“Compounding tiredness on tiredness” 

“Wish me luck” 


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