A bunch of awkward blokes that are turning into a bunch of drunk awkward blokes at the TAB the Lord Kidman Hotel in Betoota’s Old City District, don’t look like they are having much fun.

In fact, according to witnesses this apparent bucks party looks like it’s pretty shit

This could be because they could be a fatal concoction of smaller friendship circles merged into one, it could because no one in the pub is treating them like the drunken gods they think they are, or it could be because they are shit blokes.

Judging by the banter coming from their table, it’s most likely the latter.

With some of them now veering down a path of saying racist shit to commuters from the balcony of the pub, two men of shorter stature are currently engaged in a semi-serious grapple right near the bear, in front of about seven civillians who don’t give a fuck about who out of this group is getting married.

“Hahah oi fuck off you fucken gay cunt!” shouts one of the high-pitched off-duty IT salesmen.

“That fucken canes! stop bending my fucken fingers back you fucking cunt!”

At time of press one of these sloppy wrecks was apologising profusely after spilling a vodka red bull sunrise down the front of a 71-year-old woman’s blouse while she was trying to order a counter meal.



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