As nearly a million Australian’s find themselves in the shithouse position of being out of work, the few employers out there looking for staff are being inundated with resumes.

One employer, in particular – Ontrapaneur, has been hammered nearly as hard as underresourced local Centrelink’s who currently have queues stretching around the block.

The Nigerian based online marketing company that offers an extremely lucrative salary with the flexibility of working from home told The Advocate that they are currently struggling to cope with the demand.

“Yeah it’s pretty full-on,” explained the head of Human Resources from the Nigerian capital of Abuja today.

“We’ve had more resumés in the last 24 hours than we have ever had before.”

“I guess when you close down a huge number of industries that people rely on for an income, they have to find work somewhere else, which is good for us.”

“Because we’ve got plenty of positions available to make upwards of 400 dollars a day by working from home.”

“It’s so easy and there’s no training required. If you send me your resumé and credit card details right now I could get you working before the end of the day.”

“It’s that easy. Go on, send them through.”

More to come.


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