In some breaking news from the Bush Capital, David Littleproud has successfully announced himself on the national stage.

Our local Member for Maranoa has done so by knocking out former Nationals Leader Barnaby Joyce to claim the heavyweight title for himself.

This means that David ‘The Thrilla from Chincilla’ Littleproud is now the head of the National Party.

The showdown came in the National Party meeting room this morning, with Littleproud slated as the heavyweight matchup against Barnaby.

Initially, Darren Chester had put his hand up to vie for the title, but was told he didn’t have the record to just walk into a shot at the title.

As a result, the National Party Goanna Wrestle was contested by just Joyce and Littleproud, with Littleproud using his low centre of gravity to eventually cause a breathless Barnaby to skid forward and lose his balance.

Barnaby was seen clutching his shoulder after a jubilant Littleproud claimed the heavyweight belt.

Littleproud will now lead the party from the Opposition.

Joyce has since promised to take up a seat on the backbench where he will quietly mind his business and toe the party line – until he decides enough is enough and has another crack at the leadership.

More to come.


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