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The National Trust has stepped in to call for the heritage listing of the only remaining bus stop in Liverpool still featuring it’s original glass, dating back almost half a decade. 

The historic structure, built in 2016, harkens back to a simpler time, when locals would sit on the bench to wait for the bus, instead of using the bench for skateboard stunts and the glass panels for target practice. 

“It’s fascinating to think what this bus stop has seen. It’s almost 5 years old now, so in it’s time it has seen two US Presidents and about 5 Australian Prime Ministers” enthused National Trust spokesman Herbert Brinkley.

“It’s somehow survived teenage vandals, drunken bogans and joyriders in stolen cars. Looking at it now, you can almost imagine what it was like to sit on the bench, and then get on the bus when it arrived.”

“It’s critical to protect intact structures like this so they can be enjoyed by future generations; there may be other bus stops out there, but they are not in such amazing original condition”. 

Whilst some members of the community think the important link with the past should be removed and properly preserved in a museum, others feel the bus stop should be left in it’s original curtilage with additional protective measures.

At this time the National Trust is compiling a feasibility study for each option, with a final decision on the future of the bus stop to be made by Liverpool City Council in February of next year.  

The location of the bus stop has not been released to protect it from vandals but is believed to be halfway between the Crossroads Hotel and the park where that guy got stabbed that time.  

UPDATE: Never mind 


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