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The President of the National Drug Dealers Association (NDDA) has called on disgraced NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet to resign over the Nazi costume controversy and end his crusade against one of the most critical parts of their industry.

Drug money is brought to New South Wales from around Australia for the purposes of it being laundered through poker machines and should the NSW Government proceed with it’s plan to introduce a cashless system, it could decimate the drug trading industry overnight.

“It would certainly make things much harder for our industry, yes,” said ADDA President Steven Brick.

“Cash is brought to New South Wales and it’s put through poker machines and comes out clean. How would the hospitality industry react if the government made it much, much tougher to wash their tableclothes and aprons? People would be marching in the street,”

“Drug money provides a steady stream of income and employment for the hospitality industry. It pays wages. It supplements the kitchen. It pays for my Porsche 911 RS. Without it, pubs and clubs in New South Wales will be sent back to the stone age,”

“Have you ever been to a pub in Perth? They have to rub sticks together to light the stove. They have to pay upwards of $10 a pint. In most places, it’s much more. They have to pay out the arse for food. You can’t find a good pub meal in Perth for less than $30. Having to fall back on providing a base level of hospitality will decimate the hospitality industry in New South Wales.”

Since the scandal broke last week, Mr Perrottet has resisted calls to step down.

Despite having a functioning brain and a deep trust in His plan for us all, a 21-year-old Perrottet decided to wear a Nazi uniform to his 21st birthday party. He was at university at the time and making his way up the ladder at the NSW Young Liberals.

However, he’s simply chalked that up to being “young and dumb”.

More to come.


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