In some breaking news out of the Bachie mansion, it has been confirmed today that over the last few years not a single run it straight challenge has occurred in the building.

Do you enjoy the Bachelorette and reality tv, well this week we sat down with some experts in the field, to talk all things pop culture. Have a listen here. 

This revelation comes despite the fact that a group of 10+ blokes have been locked in the same house with a regular supply of piss for an extended period of time.

That has left the nation shocked and confused, as to how a group of bogans with fuck all to do other than drink grog and do a few random challenges haven’t descended into a quagmire of run it straight challenges and so on.

“Yeah, it’s an alarming revelation,” explained local entertainment expert James Moran.

“I’m not quite sure how these blokes manage to behave themselves for the cameras.”

“I mean look at that pool, fucckkkk (sic). That would be absolutely perfect to Tui Kamikamica someone into.”

“That stuff would make for great TV too, so I think it’s something that producers should potentially drum up. Just let the boys rip in around the back yard and the pool and see what happens.”


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