The nation of Australia is today quietly wondering when it’s leader might do or say something about these fires currently ripping through NSW and Queensland.

That realisation comes after Prime Minister Scott Morrison has seemingly been busy with other things since he did a tour of Taree on NSW’s Mid North Coast on Sunday.

This comes as the nation braces for the ‘most dangerous bushfire week ever seen.’

With a State of Emergency having been declared in NSW and Queensland, firefighters flown in from interstate and overseas and roughly 6 million people bracing for the worst, the country is kind of wondering when the PM might offer something up other than ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ as he did on Saturday via Twitter.

Insiders have revealed that ScoMo is at a bit of loose end after being unable to come up with a slogan to combat the issue apart from the aforementioned ‘Thoughts and Prayers.’

It can be revealed that the Prime Minister hasn’t been meeting with the 23 former fire chiefs who have urgently been requesting a meeting with him since April, but it’s hoped that he has been doing something to help utilise all of the national resources to best combat this situation at the present time.

More to come.


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