A local Betoota family has had to put some funeral plans on hold this week, after an ageing Grandmother appears to have been brought back to life.

After barely making it to her 87th birthday, local senior citizen Dorothy Walters is believed to have spent the last several weeks out of sorts at the Aged Care Home in Betoota Heights.

But, after weeks of daily visits, the Walters family have been shocked to see the revival of their much-loved Grandmother, who appears to have been inspired by a recent day trip to the cinemas.

“We don’t understand, she was barely able to walk last week,” said Amy Walters, Dorothy’s youngest granddaughter.

“But ever since they bundled her into the nursing home mini-bus and took her down to the mid day showing of the new Elvis film, Nan’s sparked right back up!”

Directed by the decorated Australian filmmaker Baz “The Trophy Hunter” Luhrmann, and starring the latest “hot thing” on the Hollywood block Austin Butler, the film explores the life of original King of Rock n’ Roll, Elvis Presley.

An extremely energetic, if not horny retelling of the Elvis story, film critics have noted that approximately 80% of the film involves Butler gyrating his slick hips on camera, in between sultry and steamy looks directly into the souls of the audience.

Dangerous in its level of lust and sexual prowess, some local Doctors have even cautioned the showing of the film to senior citizens, particularly to those with any form of heart condition.

“It’s dangerous to take anyone over the age of 70 that’s for sure,” said local Betoota physician Dr. David Knight.

“Once those oldies see those hips wiggling, they sure do sit upright!”

“It’s my only explanation for Dorothy’s recent spark back to good health, after seeing all three hours of that glittery and jittery assault on the senses, she’s got her groove back alright!”


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