A local father of 3 kids who’s just finished up finalising his second marriage, has begun trialling a new word.

Bryan Watson, who just separated from his wife of 21 years following their youngest finishing high school, has started beginning and finishing any interaction with ‘Ciao.’

Having been to Italy once, in what seemed like a lifetime ago, Brian has begun to drop the exotic flair in wherever he can.

“Ciao, Ciaoooo, Ciaoooo Bella,” said Bryan today, accentuating the word used as an informal way of saying hello or goodbye.

“I’ve realised I was a bit boxed in before,” explained Bryan who refuses to explain whose call it was to wrap things up.

“So there has been a little bit of rebrand, yeah I’ll admit that. CrossFit has been really good and I’m thinking about joining a running club too.”

Bryan told The Advocate that he thinks he’s been getting quite a good reception for his little sprinkle of Italian into conversation.

“Just like a little dusting of Milanese parmesan, Ciao compliments a conversation perfectly.”

“People love it.”

“I’m thinking about learning a bit more actually too.”

“So stay tuned.”


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