As the dust settles on a historic weekend for the nation, the true extent of the Matildas win over France is being realised.

With millions tuning in around the nation, the quarter final against France was officially confirmed as the most watched sporting event since Cathy Freeman won gold at the Sydney Olympics.

On top of that incredible achievement, it’s now been confirmed that the Matildas victory was the most watched TV program since that episode of Neighbours where Toadie took his eyes off road and drove his VC Commodore Wagon off a cliff.

The famous episode took viewers from the highest high of the wedding between Jarrod Vincenzo “Toadfish” Rebecchi and Dee Bliss, to the lowest low of Toadie driving his car into the ocean.

While Toadie emerged from the waters below, Dee never surfaced, leading many to believe she had died in the terrible accident.

However, over the course of 16 long years involving imposters, mistaken identities and elaborate cons, Dee eventually turned up in Erinsborough to clear things up.

Long thought to be the pinnacle of TV, many believed the viewership of that dramatic episode was the record that would never be broken.

However, with the Tillies now chalking up a few famous wins in a row, it has finally come crumbling down.

It’s believed over 7 million people watched the Quarter final against France, with a few hundred thousand boomers like Barnaby Joyce also watching a replay of a pre-tournament friendly against France which Channel 10 very cheekily aired at the same time.

The huge numbers of Aussies tuning into to watch the spectacle has also confirmed the belief that people quite enjoy watching women’s sport if it is platformed, covered somewhat adequately and we have a team that wins.

More to come.


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