A Betoota Heights man has been forced to be a god damn grown up this week, after having the training wheels taken off his adulthood. 

24-year-old Blake Pancic has had to deal with the very real problem of having to go back to back on a pair of dirty jocks. 

After the second consecutive year of undie free Christmas and birthdays, with his Nan seemingly deciding it’s time for him to stand on his own two feet, Blake is facing reality. 

And as he’s down to one of his last pairs of undies that bears a gooch hole the size of a tennis ball, the big fella has had to act quickly. 

An avid hater of shopping centres, the young plumber decided it was time to lean on his friend, the internet. 

“Mate, the internet never ceases to amaze me,” he laughed. 

“This Knobby place will deliver new undies to me monthly”

“Every. Single. Month,” he laughed. 

“Made outta plastic bottles too??? 6 bottles in every pair of undies. We really are living in 2022,” he marveled. 

While Blake explained that nan’s undies were the perfect gift, he said he’s happy to be able to get something with a bit more pizazz than the old plain ones she used to sort him out with. 

“Bitta style for the ladies ya know” 

“And if they really do deliver this to me every month, and they’re good for the planet, you’ll never catch me buying undies in the shops again” 


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